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At Wichita`s favorite junk removal company , we haul away just about anything (with the exception of hazardous materials).
Contact us and we will provide a free estimate, remove and haul away your items, tidy up afterward,
and dispose of the items responsibly.

Single Item Junk Removal

We offer single item junk removal, no job is too small for us. If you only have a couple items you need hauled away we can easily give you a no hassle quote and arrange for a quick pick up.

Volume/Bulk Junk Removal

If you have more than just a couple items that need to be hauled away pricing will fall under volume junk removal. Save your back, save time, call Wichita`s favorite junk removal company

Construction Material

When it comes to building or renovating a structure, construction waste is part of the job. Hauling it away yourself can be a waste of both time and money, that’s why we offer post-construction clearing.